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Nov 9, 2012 07:43 AM

Broken English - Any recent experience (revamped menu)?

I've heard that this place has changed its menu. It's web site is "temporarily" down but it's still listed as open on menupages and open table. Anyone have any recent experience here? I'm not feeling very adventurous and would like some reason to go (or not go).

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  1. I looked at the menu the other day while walking home and a lot of the items looked similar to the old menu, perhaps just a condensed version of it. Wife & I used to enjoy their food very much, really don't understand why they closed, and the re-opening kept getting pushed back and back. When they re-opened, there was no changes to the interior, and like I mentioned, the menu looked very similar, so I don't get why they closed down at all. The last few weeks (Sandy aside) the place has looked quiet, much less patrons than was usual before they closed down. Would also love to hear if anyone has been back since they reopened-

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      I kept forgetting to post again here, but for the past 2 or so weeks, Broken English has been papered up, no signs of life inside, I think it may be gone for good this time.

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        Yep. I never got around to posting about it, but I managed to get there twice after they re-opened and had good meals. Most of the menu had been revamped, in my opinion for the better. However, they were totally clueless on most of the major things a restaurant needs to do to stay in business. I do feel bad that this place now seems to be gone for good (maybe) but my wife and I predicted a short life for them even after having our good meals.

    2. Just a quick comment. This is one of several posts I have seen referring to restaurants, but no location. Since this is a category dedicated to 4 of the 5 boroughs, it would be informative to know at least which one the restaurant is in. No criticism here, but knowing where a restaurant is can do a lot for spiking my interest, and I'm sure that applies for most of us.

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        The closed restaurant in question is located in the country of Kings, borough of Brooklyn, neighborhood of Boerum Hill, block of Bergen Street. Appears the website has a "site down for maintenance" message besides the lack of activity inside the location.

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          It seems the saga lives on, Jarro will be reopening next Monday as Jarro, a Mediterranan cocktail lounge and bistro. Unclear if the same owners as Broken English.

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            It's already on OpenTable, with a profile seemingly right out of 2010 but with reservations available as soon as tonight. Interesting.

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          When I write about restaurants I usually include the address. With that said, Google really works very well in tracking down an address. If a post makes a place sound interesting I always Google it anyway. A search will turn up the address, the website (if it has one), and other reviews that might have appears in newspapers, blogs, and other food boards.

        3. This place is now called Jarro and is on Bergen near Smith Street... mentioned it in another comment today (I'm new and on a roll)... they have gone through some chef shuffles but they have a good crew right now. Have gone in 6 times in 3 weeks because they have this free, a la minute snack they give you with drinks at happy hour and they added some couches to the front window, and when the big doors are open, it's a really nice hang. Cool bartenders... recommended dishes have satisfied. Octopus, sardines, anchovies... pasta was was great... side salad I had with a burger was forgettable... they have espresso... I had a bottle of white portuguese wine that was delicious. Seemed eclectic and I've had fun.

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            Thanks for this update. I guess we'll be trekking back to the space to try Jarro soon. Sounds interesting and the Patch article said that the new owners kept the Manager on... she was the only competent one at Broken English & was the sea of calm in an otherwise frenetic storm. I did like B.E.'s food at the end (see previous post) but that alone does not make a restaurant work (unfortunately).

            And, yes, HungryWino, you are definitely "on a roll". Welcome aboard & keep posting (although I disagree with you on thirstbaravin and RedGravy).