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Nov 9, 2012 07:32 AM

Peking Duck in Montreal

Looking for a great place in Montreal for peking duck. Going to be 6 of us for dinner. Any input would be appreciated.

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  1. I went to Mon Nan in its new location on La Gauchetiere and had Peking duck a few weeks ago - it was great, back to the quality I remember from the old days in its Clark location, prior to its downhill slide.

    Three courses - soup, duck & pancakes, and duck stir fry with veggies.

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    1. re: kpzoo

      Thank you. Place looks good. We will be doing our Thanksgiving dinner there. It is licensed not BYOB? Spending most of our time on the Plateau where there seem to be a host of new places to explore. But need Peking Duck first.... Thanks again......

      1. re: JPR

        Would you be able to write back and on how your experience was with the peking duck? I am planning to go to Mon Nan for Christmas Day dinner: we are a family of 6 and arriving on xmas day from out of town. It would be good to know if we should go there or find another place for a yummy xmas dinner. Thank you so much in advance.

          1. re: newbie_gourmand

            I would not advise that you do your holiday dinner at Mon Nan. The Peking Duck was just ok, although the other things we ordered were good. However, the service was terrible. They just ran out and threw food at us and scooped away things off the table while we were eating. Very rushed and unpleasant. Never bothered to come back with water or drink refills. I was sorry that we went here for Thanksgiving dinner. The duck was just leftover sliced roast duck. Nothing at all special. We did, however, dine at the Le Cristal Chinois at 998 St. Laurent (6th floor) and had a great experience. High end place. Food was very good and service was impeccable. A pleasant.experience overall. We wished that we had TK dinner there. If you are up in the Mile end neighborhood, I would suggest that you try Lawrence on the corner of St. Laurent and Fairmont, next to Sardine. Loved it.

            1. re: JPR

              Thank you for getting back to me. I'm sorry that your experience at MonNan was not too good....Yes, I will take your recommendation and go else where. I would love to try Cristal Chinois and/or Lawrence...I just have to make sure things are open during the holidays! :) Many many thanks.

              Thank you again.

          2. re: JPR

            Hiya, I highly doubt it's BYOB (not a common Chinatown thing, I don't think) but you could always call to ask. Let me know how you like the Peking duck.

        1. I prefer the one at Beijing