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Nov 9, 2012 07:25 AM

Thanksgiving Day Breakfast

I will be hosting a family breakfast on Thanksgiving morning. There will be 6 adults and 4 children. I would appreciate some menu suggestions. Nothing heavy. I will also host a tradition meal later in the day for the rest of the family. It will be one very busy day! Thanks!

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  1. I would try to keep it simple. Scrambled eggs, sliced fruit, assorted pastries.

    1. Baked oatmeal. Mix it up at night, bake in am. People can make it as decadent as they want, add cream, nuts or keep it simple. Have yogurt, fresh fruit, and granola for parfaits.

      1. We do an assortment of cheeses, sliced fruit, spiced nuts, muffins, maybe scones or coffee cake, jams, etc. It's nice because it kinds of transitions slowly into the appetizers tables as the pastries get eaten and you start putting out apps.

        1. There's only 4 of us, but I'm doing a baked french toast w/ a cinnamon streusel topping, sausages (might bake those too to save the effort), and eggs if people want them.

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            I would like your recipe for the baked french toast. Thanks!