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Nov 9, 2012 07:22 AM

Dover Sole Suggestions?

I'm not particularly experienced in cooking fish. Well slowly experimenting. So have whole dover sole for dinner tonight.

What should I do with em?

There seem to be suggestions to just grill them simply with some butter. (i.e. Broil in the US)

Actually there is some fresh dill from some other dish - butter, dill, dover sole, lemon juice?

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  1. You can pan fry it with some EVOO and minced garlic, or just take inspiration from this baked sole recipe.

    1. Just don't over cook it/them. They only need a minute or so. I'd poach them. Don't attempt to turn them or they'll look like a dogs breakfast. LOL
      How about doing a 'Sole Bonne Femme'? Easy: Butter/mushrooms/chopped shallots/fresh parsley/dry white wine and 'Sauce Veloute (basically just a roux with fish stock slowly stirred in until you get the consistency the way you want it.) No fish stock? Use a few drops of bottled clam juice or a cube of fish bouillon or a few drops of fish sauce diluted in a cup or so of water. Make the sauce and gently poach the sole in it. Cover with lid. Very low heat.

      1. Classic sole meuniere - you'll not find a better way of cooking such a fine fish.

        I'd certainly reckon that any recipe for frying it is going to be better than putting it under the grill. But simple is what you need.