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Nov 9, 2012 07:13 AM

Birthday Dinner in Cape May?

Hey Jersey, hopefully I'm posting this in the right spot (there's some conflicting information on the 'New to the Jersey Board Page') but either way I'm not very familiar with the area so if I need to post somewhere else just let me know.

My husband and I are from out of state and (currently) staying in the Villas/Cape May area while here working due to the storm. My birthday is on Sunday and since I will be spending it away from home, my friends and my family, I'm looking for somewhere my hubby and I can have a nice dinner for the evening. I've read up on some of the other boards and found places like Peter Shields Inn, and The Mad Batter that both seem appealing (although the latter is more the price range I'm looking for), and Lucky Bones has also been recommended to my husband by someone.

Looking for any recommendations for other places and feedback on the ones I've mentioned (mainly Mad Batter and Lucky Bones). Fairly open to anything with excellent food and good service with the exception of vegetarian/vegan restaurants (I like them but my DH is meat & potatoes :-). Hoping this will help me sort through not only the bad restaurants, but also places that may be closed in the off season or due to the storm.

Any info is great...thanks!

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  1. If I could eat one meal, and one meal only in Cape May, it would unequivocally be at The Ebbitt Room.

    1. Cannot argue with coldbeer on Ebbitt Room. Washington Inn and Peter Shields Inn are also good. Not sure how Cape May fared in the hurricane. Don't know who is open.

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        We've celebrated special occasions at both The Washington Inn and The Ebbitt Room and enjoyed both immensely.

        "Not sure how Cape May fared in the hurricane. Don't know who is open."

        Soon after the hurricane hit and left, I e-mailed the inn keepers of my favorite B&B there and asked how they were. I was told that Cape May was spared by the worst of it and that the inn we go to was left untouched; and it is just 2 blocks from the beach. For the most part, I believe most businesses are up and running, business as usual.

        1. re: ttoommyy

          Glad to hear that Cape May weathered the storm! My vote goes to Washington Inn! I've never ever been disappointed. Follow that up with a close second for Ebbitt Room.

      2. Thanks for the replies. We went to Ebbitt Room and it was excellent. I wasn't aware until we arrived that they were farm to table (or at least had some FTT options) so I was very pleasantly surprised. Loved the decor, service, food (I've had better duck, but only once, it was still excellent, my husband's steak was amazing) and drinks; especially liked that a lot of the cocktails were fresh/FTT, no syrup-y junk, made it hard to have cocktails elsewhere afterwards. All in all loved it. Thanks!