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Nov 9, 2012 07:12 AM

Recommendation for Thanksgiving in Paris

I'll be in Paris for Thanksgiving. Many years ago, I was in Paris during the holiday and had a wonderful Parisian version of Thanksgiving dinner at a small restaurant/inn. It was fun and delicious to experience the French interpretation of such a traditional American meal. Any suggestions of where to go?

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  1. Flora's new joint will (try to) do an American type T-giving for 45 E without drinks. I'm a fan of hers esp at the new place where she, as opposed to so many chefs, is actually there.

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      Thanks. What's Flora's full name? I'll look her and her spot up. Thanks again.

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        7.5 L'Auberge Flora, 44 blvd Richard Lenoir in the 11th,, open 7/7 more on my website.

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      1. I can't attest to ANY of these -- but

        Bistro Saint-Martin is advertising on some of the expat websites:

        The expat magazine Fusac also has lots of ads in this month's edition -- page through this month's issue here:

        I believe Joe Allen and Breakfast in America are also doing some version of the meal -- their websites would have more information.

        Ralph's (the Ralph Lauren restaurant) is also advertising a meal, but I hesitate to link to it, as I have yet to hear a single flattering review of the place. (Expensive, meh, and horrid service -- from Parisians


        (Can't speak to anything from Joe Allen except their pumpkin pie - friends brought one of their pies to our dinner last year, and it was rubbish. No flavor, burned to a crisp, and layered with granulated sugar to try to mask the burned custard. Not a good impression....)

        1. I'll be in Paris on Thanksgiving with my family also, and we're looking for a place.

          But we don't really need American-style - just a good comfortable restaurant where we can relax and have a nice long leisurely meal. We'll be staying in the 7th near the d'Orsay.

          Any recommendations?

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            Michaela, read the posts in this thread-- there are several very-detailed responses.

            If you don't want turkey and all the trimmings, all the restaurants will be open as usual -- Paris doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, so it's just another Thursday.

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              Check out dave leibovitz blog for an extensive list.

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              Having tried to replicate Thanksgiving in Paris both out and at home, this year we'll ignore it and just have some good eats at the Clocher de Montmartre.

            3. At the insistence of one of our former senior memberesses from N.C., Le Violon d'Ingres started preparing a Tday repast a couple of years back. You might call them and ask to be included.