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Nov 9, 2012 07:03 AM

Recs for low-key, romantic in Village/ west village / soho?

Hi all,

Any recommendations for a low - key, romantic spot in the W Village/Village/Soho area - could extend to NoHo, Chelsea, flatiron.

I am looking for something that is cozy, moderately priced (20s entrees) and good food. I know there are a ton of places, but this is very last minute, as I am looking for something for tonight, and not sure what might be available. Thus, if anyone has any good neighborhood gems they like, let me know!!!

For some perspective: A joseph leonard-esque place wold be great. (Went to JL recently, though). Not looking to go to Fedora.

Any help i greatly appreciated.


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  1. Le Gigot, on Cornelia. I'm going there myself tonight.

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    1. re: mahler5

      I always forget about the little places on Cornelia. Thanks - I'll consider it.

        1. re: foodwhisperer

          Second Rouge et Blanc. I also like Mas la grillade.

    2. Il Buco on Bond Street.

      1. La Sirene. Cash-only, BYOB, delicious French food.