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Nov 9, 2012 06:13 AM

Fresh lime juice

My friend is getting married tomorrow and they are serving Mexican food at their wedding (no idea what exactly is on the menu). I offered to make a cocktail to serve at the wedding alongside the beer and wine, and she has requested margaritas. I'm planning on making a huge batch at home tomorrow, and I want to use fresh lime juice. Although we have a citrus juicer, I think I'd rather just buy fresh lime juice than spend half my day tomorrow juicing. Does anyone know where to get cheap fresh lime juice? I'm thinking Pro's Ranch Market on Roosevelt, but I've never gone there specifically for lime juice so I have no idea if (1) they have any (not just small glass bottles like Total Wine), (2) it's reasonably-priced, or (3) it's any good.

Any suggestions for a last-minute planner?

Thank you!

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    1. I don't live in your area but for my last party where I needed large amounts of lime juice I bought it from Whole Foods. Not on their shelves but from their fresh cut fruit people. They use it to help preserve the fruits. I asked at the counter and they sold it to me in plastic bottles. I don't remember the cost but it wasn't expensive and well worth the time saving and tasted perfectly fine - not like the shelf bottled stuff.

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        This is a great suggestion, thimes! I will call the Whole Foods closest to me and see if this is an option. I really appreciate the help!

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            give them a call and see if there is a distributor near you
            otherwise, try a local food distributor

            I did this once for a small party and 60 limes gave me about a gallon of fresh juice after straining.

            Worse comes to worse you might be able to find a decent frozen concentrate that you can supplement with fresh.