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Nov 9, 2012 05:01 AM

favorite vegan chard recipe?

Looking for some new inspiration for chard. Ideas?


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    1. Catalan style..
      - blanch the chard first to soften, drain, and cut into large pieces
      - sauté sliced garlic in olive oil until fragrant and just beginning to turn golden, then remove garlic
      - add chopped onion and sauté until lightly browned
      - toss in the blanched chard, some dried currants or golden raisins, and toasted pine nuts (add more oil if necessary)
      - finish with a splash of good sherry vinegar, and season with salt & freshly ground pepper

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      1. re: goodhealthgourmet

        I make something similar with kale--thanks for this idea

        1. re: noya

          it's traditionally done with spinach, but it works for various greens.

      2. This is as simple as it gets - roasted. It does not become crispy - just plain good.

        Another of my favourites that I eat a lot each spring in Croatia is simply mashing it into mashed potatoes with olive oil and then season. You can also form this into patties and fry.

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        1. re: chefathome

          Thanks--like the idea of simple

        2. This chard, potato, chickpea stew from Food& Wine (without the egg, of course). Even my chard hating DH loves it.

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            thanks! I actually came upon this recipe but wasn't sure--glad you've confirmed it!

          2. I have not yet tried any of these recipes, but these seem good.

            Swiss Chard Gratin with Vegan Bechamel:


            Creamed (the first recipe uses kale




            Chard could be added to something such as vegan macaroni and "cheese"