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favorite vegan chard recipe?

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Looking for some new inspiration for chard. Ideas?


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    1. Catalan style..
      - blanch the chard first to soften, drain, and cut into large pieces
      - sauté sliced garlic in olive oil until fragrant and just beginning to turn golden, then remove garlic
      - add chopped onion and sauté until lightly browned
      - toss in the blanched chard, some dried currants or golden raisins, and toasted pine nuts (add more oil if necessary)
      - finish with a splash of good sherry vinegar, and season with salt & freshly ground pepper

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        I make something similar with kale--thanks for this idea

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          it's traditionally done with spinach, but it works for various greens.

      2. This is as simple as it gets - roasted. It does not become crispy - just plain good.

        Another of my favourites that I eat a lot each spring in Croatia is simply mashing it into mashed potatoes with olive oil and then season. You can also form this into patties and fry.

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          Thanks--like the idea of simple

        2. This chard, potato, chickpea stew from Food& Wine (without the egg, of course). Even my chard hating DH loves it.

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            thanks! I actually came upon this recipe but wasn't sure--glad you've confirmed it!

          2. I have not yet tried any of these recipes, but these seem good.

            Swiss Chard Gratin with Vegan Bechamel:


            Creamed (the first recipe uses kale




            Chard could be added to something such as vegan macaroni and "cheese"

            1. Of course, white bean with chard/kale/fave green is nothing new. This one is delicious, though. Leave out the egg, please! (I am not vegan but an egg hater!)


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                  I might try that, minus the egg!

                2. Preserved lemon (middle eastern style) is magic with chard and other dark leafy greens.

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                    I also think even just lemon juice is great on chard (squeezed onto chard after it's sauteed with a ton of garlic, and some olive oil)

                  2. Is it too late to weigh in? This was so simple, just made it up tonight, so delicious. Heated up the wok and used a generous tablespoon of high quality coconut oil. Added a roughly chopped, gorgeous, perfect medium to large sized heirloom tomato, quite ripe, on the verge of overripe. Added chopped chard, broke down the tomatoes until almost saucy, added some tamari and a big pinch of sugar, done. I think it'd be good with some curry powder, too. I'd have added some onion to start, but was out, and garlic too (but was lazy).

                    1. Check out the "twice cooked chard" in Fuchsia Dunlop's newest cookbook (Every Grain of Rice). A bit labor intensive, but flavorful and very different from many preparations.

                      1. Sautee onions and carrots in lots of olive oil over low heat until soft and beginning to brown. Add chopped chard, salt and pepper. Greater than the sum of its parts. The onions and carrots do something wonderful to the chard. And if you want to guild the lily, put some sort of gremolata (parsley, garlic, lemon zest and juice) on top while it's still hot.

                        Raw, shredded chard is also nice in Viet Namese summer rolls and Thai curries.

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                        1. I love finishing simply-cooked chard (always with garlic, usually with onions, sometimes with chickpeas) with pomegranate molasses. This is more attractive with red chard than white.

                          1. Sauteed with onions and mushrooms then drizzled with balsamic vinegar. (add blue cheese if not vegan)

                            A chard lasagna or enchiladas?

                            1. Chard is one great vegetable I've had large over grown stalks blanched ,breaded and sauteed Ala Italian cutlets served with lemon. I've added or mixed in with various cooked legumes such as faves,lentils peas etc. Recently I heated in a cast iron pan chard and escarole, adding uncooked whole grain spaghetti near the end then covered and simmered at low heat.A chef I knew not familiar with any traditional ways of cooking Swiss chard battered and deep fried the leafy part and it was really good.

                              1. you can stuff chard like you would cabbage, and bake it with tomato sauce. i would run it through boiling hot water briefly then stuff with rice, nuts, lots of herbs like parsley and maybe dill, maybe some chopped tomato or zucchini, anything really. then pour one of those "tomato sauce" cans that are not really tomato sauce, but just more like plain tomatoes pureed, add some cinammon and maybe some dried coriander, salt, pepper, and a little lemon juice. cook covered until interior ingredients are hot.