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Nov 9, 2012 04:35 AM

Need help with dining choices Vegas next week

I normally have all my research done way before I leave but for various reasons I am way behind this time.

I've done a lot of reading on this site and others, plus looked a menus from the various restaurants.

Looking for one or two great dinner options. Sure I'd love to dine at a place like Guy Savoy or Joel Robuchon but those places are a little too rich for our blood.

We like all kinds of food but I particularly like farm to table type cuisine or interesting new American menus. If we could do a tasting menu for around $60 to $100 pp that would be great. If we could do that including wine it would be fantastic.

I thought Sage might be a good choice as they have a tasting menu paired with wine or beer. That works as I'm a wine person and my husband a beer person. Plus menu looks interesting and seems to have gotten good reviews

Other places that interest me are Jaleo or Julian Serrano as we could both try a bunch of items.

Any other suggestion that might make a good dinner choice?

For lunch I think Comme Ca might be a good choice. A few years back we went to Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay and may go back as he really loved the burger there.

I will be on my own for lunch for at least three of the four days as he will be at Superkarts at the Rio. I would like a place that I could easily eat at the bar and feel comfortable.

How about a great brunch option? Thinking of Bouchon.

I know this is a lot of questions but as I said I am behind the eight ball this time so any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

In the meantime off to research some more.


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  1. If you are near the Palazzo, you might want to try Table 10 for lunch or dinner. It is an Emeril Lagasse restaurant, but the chef working there makes a point of using specific farm ingredients. The menu is good and they also offer seasonal daily specials. Price is mid-range.

    1. I've eaten at the bar at BLT Burger (Mirage) -- both food and dining experience were great. My wife has eaten at the bar at Jaleo and says it was also fabulous. We had great meals last month at Holstein's, DOCG, Julian Serrano, Blue Ribbon Sushi, Border Grill, China Poblano. And of course Lotus of Siam, if you can get off strip.

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          Thanks to everyone for the replies. Will most likely eat at Sage, Jaleo or Julian Serrano, DOCG and of course a bunch of others.

        2. Everytime we go to Vegas, we have to go to Sushi Roku. It is always fabulous and we are hooked on the tempura lobster they have. They do a tasting menu that is out of this world! It is my all time favorite restaurant!

          If you can take a cab and are looking for steak, you have to try Del Friscos! They have the best ribeyes there. The appetizer of shrimp and crabcake is delicious too. Service is fabulous.