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Nov 8, 2012 11:51 PM

Henry Street Taproom - Saratoga Springs - Anyone else been there?

It was quite busy for a Thursday night. About 18 beers on tap, all craft brews. Unique menu of artisan cheeses, many locally sourced. and items like Scotch Eggs, Venison Chili, Wagyu Burgers. Nice atmosphere, real wood fireplace, and full bar with good selection of scotch and tequila.

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  1. Had a good time here, delicious beers. Had 2 and was buzzed. High alcohol content. Burger was very tasty. Would like to try oysters and cheese plate next time.

    1. Outrageously overpriced "Cubano" (it wasn't) slider for $13. Tasteless. Won't be back.

      1. The beer list was great. Stopped in for a drink before dinner at another place and returned after dinner because of the impressive taps. All of the food looked pretty good coming out. The beer prices were more like NYC, and higher than a lot of craft beer bars in Westchester. A lot of 10% and up beers. Will definitely return because of the fact that they put some effort into their line up.