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Nov 8, 2012 10:13 PM

Italian downtown Atlanta on a Sunday night

Tktle pretty well says it all: looking for a nice Italian place near the Omni CNN Centre or a short cab ride away. Business colleagues so not a pizza joint but not romantic either.

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  1. There is nothing really down near CNN center that fits your description,
    Max's Coal Oven pizzeria is dowtown but not what you want. Maybe could work though. Check the website.

    Cab rides away for excellent italian.
    midtown- Baraonda, Ecco
    Va-Highlands/Inman Park- La Tavola, Sotto Sotto

    1. Veni Vidi Vici - very good italian but pricey.

      Cucina Asellina - quite good and less expensive than Veni.

      Both are short cab rides from the Omni/CNN center.

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      1. re: samlev

        Have not been to Cucina Asellina. Anyone been?
        Would be good to have a tasty new spot in midtown.

        1. re: rcburli

          Antico. Pasta in buckhead. Baraondi us very good. And good bar,scene. Priccis also on buckhead. Yo u can't beat veni as to food though. With wine tip maybe 60/hd

      2. Why not Alfredo's on Cheshire Bridge? The area is seedy with all the strip clubs nearby, but the food is excellent, authentic, and it won't destroy your wallet.

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        1. re: coolwhipped

          I wouldn't call that a short cab ride. Would take you 20-30 mins at dinner time. But yes, definately good italian.

        2. Hi! Has anyone tried Sapori di Napoli in Decatur yet? We are coming to Atlanta soon and I'd be appreciative for any opinions. Thanks!

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          1. re: Tehama

            I have not tried it, but I've driven by it and read the menu. It seems small, and the menu shows mostly pizza.

            1. re: Tehama

              I tried it about a month ago = had a pizza, was not particularly impressed. I'd second Antico if you're in the mood for pizza. At Emory Point there's La Tagliatella - have not tried it but the menu looks great.

              1. re: Enfielder

                Thanks so much! Yes, we are definitely hitting Antico while in town. My BF is something of a pizza-fiend, and it is his birthday, so I envision several slices while we are in town.

                He also loves bourbon -- I posted on another ATL thread a couple of weeks ago what my GeorgiaHounds think of that Southern Art & Bourbon place in Buckhead. If anyone has a thought on that, do you mind to let me know?

                Have a great day, everyone!

                1. re: Tehama

                  antico has great pizza--- but im at the age where sitting at a picnic table with lots of folks i dont know,and no parking really, doesnt work for me any more

                  1. re: bobstripower

                    Thanks so much for the warning! I think my BF knows the owners, so I believe we will go there at some point. However, *I* didn't know that was the set-up so at least you prepared me. Thank you!