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Nov 8, 2012 10:05 PM

Shelf Stable Whipping Cream

Has anyone used this? I'm not familliar with it. I love the idea of keeping it in the cabinet for whipped cream on the fly. But does it taste the same? I just picture cool whip.

Shelf Stable Grade A Whipping Cream
This Grade A Whipping Cream can be kept for up to six months (unopened) at room temperature, making it smart to store. That way, when you're ready to roll out the pie crust, the cream is right within reach. It's real cream that undergoes a special thermo-pressure process to ensure safe, long shelf life, without significantly altering its composition. Rich and thick, it whips into a velvety topping.

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  1. if it's like the stuff I've bought here, no, it's real cream, UHT (ultra high temperature) processed, and stored in a brick-pack (once in a while a small bottle, but not the most common).

    If you chill it darned-near to frozen in a metal bowl in the freezer (chill the beaters, too) it will whip, but it will never take on that really fluffy consistency of fresh whipping cream. The processing interferes with its ability to hold a huge amount of air.

    It's not bad for on the fly, but it's not my first choice.

    1. I'd wager shelf stable whipping cream will disappear like shelf stable milk did. Horrible stuff!

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      1. re: Joyfull

        shelf stable milk has absolutely not disappeared -- it might not be popular in the US, but most of Europe buys it exclusively, many groceries and supermarkets don't even stock fresh milk, and shelf-stable whipping cream is a staple in every grocery on this side of the ocean.

        1. re: sunshine842

          Excuse me for speaking. I guess I should have added, shelf stable milk in my area disappeared ages ago.

          1. re: sunshine842

            It's pretty common around here, too, although not as popular as fresh milk. Most grocery stores carry it in little packages to fit in school lunchboxes.

            1. re: Isolda

              you mean fresh milk in little packages for lunchboxes, right? I think they make it in chocolate milk too, for lunchboxes.

              (mental image of kids slamming back a small tetrapack of heavy cream...)

            2. re: sunshine842

              I've seen it in Walmart. And in Brazil that's the only way milk is sold. I love keeping it on hand.

              1. re: c oliver

                UHT milk makes excellent yogurt -- sets up way better than fresh milk.

            3. re: Joyfull

              Shelf stable cream in a tetrapak or glass has been readily on the shelf for 30 to 35 years in much of Asia,the Pacific Rim and Europe.Many places have two varieties or versions,one for sweet,one for savory.The "western" hotels in Asia,Africa and Middle East bring it in by the 5'x5'x5' pallet.Without it a huge number of the recipe classics would be out of reach to the imported chefs and guests.Speaking for Asia and Italy,the savory version has a distant hint of tang,not quite creme fraiche or sour cream,will thicken if left out for 8 hours or more,will NOT WHIP.The "for sweet" versions,some,not all will whip and it is every bit the bear sunshine842 describes.

            4. Has anyone seen this in the US? I have not, at least not in MA. We do have a lot of Parmalat products available but I've never seen whipping cream.

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              1. re: pinehurst

                This week's TJ's flyer has an ad for the Shelf Stable Whipping Cream. We shop at the Saugus TJ's i on Rt.1 north...

                Here's a review of the product from a well known blogger...

                  1. re: olyolyy

                    thanks for the product heads up
                    I will get to TJ's for it and give it a try.

                    1. re: Gio

                      I'm doing a TJ's run today and will pick some up to try. My husband thinks whipping cream is a food group, so it would be nice to have it on hand. He won't eat my chocolate desserts without it.

                      1. re: pinehurst

                        I bought it at my Trader Joe's in Newton yesterday. Mostly out of curiosity. No plans yet to use it, may give it a go on Thanksgiving.

                        1. re: Jpan99

                          Same with me. Heavy cream is one of those things I always need at the last minute, so when I saw it at TJs I had to grab a box to try out. Probably around the holidays, if I don't forget I have it. Maybe even just for the stuffing, last year I forgot to get cream and wasted a half hour running around trying to find some Thanksgiving morning. Almost everyone was out, of course. A real waste of precious time.

                          1. re: coll

                            I bought a box around the same time I mentioned it above... I have yet to use it.

                      2. Has anybody used this for anything besides topping a pie? Would it taste the same as fresh cream in a sauce or soup that calls for cream? Or is it really just made for people who plan to whip it?

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                        1. re: Dave MP

                          it is absolutely interchangeable in any recipe that calls for cream, because it *is* cream. The only difference I've seen is that you have to shake it vigorously, as the solids tend to clump badly if you don't.

                          I keep some on hand for recipes that call for cream -- I rarely whip it, as it just doesn't whip up (and hold the air) as well as the fresh stuff.

                          1. re: Dave MP

                            I would love to know if anyone has used this with potatoes (like scalloped) or mac and cheese with good results.

                            1. re: olyolyy

                              I've had great results with pasta (and other) sauces but have not tried it in scalloped potatoes or mac and cheese.

                              1. re: olyolyy

                                It is great in scalloped potatoes -- as above -- it IS cream, so you use it anywhere you'd use cream.

                                It doesn't whip terribly well, but it is regular cream.

                                1. re: sunshine842

                                  Wait are you trying to say it is "Real Cream"?
                                  Just joking.

                                  1. re: chefj

                                    I know you have several briques in your pantry....seems to be a tough thing to believe, huh?!

                                    1. re: sunshine842

                                      You know I have never seen it here.
                                      Judging by the disbelief above I guess so : ) Hard to understand why.

                                      1. re: chefj

                                        but then, in the US, tetrapack milk exists, but has never really caught on, even though it's real milk, too.

                                        I wish I could find the cream where I live now -- it's really handy to have on hand for dauphinois, soups, a really quick pasta sauce.

                                        I miss bechamel in a tetrapack, too. Beats cream o'crap soup any day for casseroles and sauces.

                                        1. re: sunshine842

                                          Agreed it would be very convenient.

                            2. please let us know how the Trader Joe's product works out - i have a tetrapak of it somewhere (or had) - can't find it now. At least I don't have to worry about it wherever i've put it ; )

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                              1. re: Georgia Strait

                                The tetrapaks I bought last fall have passed their date stamp, though I will still use them. If package dates worry you, you may want to check yours.

                                1. re: Georgia Strait

                                  I just saw this at TJ's a couple of weeks ago. I bought one box, just to have on hand should a cream emergency occur, and ended up accidentally taking it on vacation (forgot it was in the bag with travel snacks). And it actually came in handy -- I added it to soup I was making, where milk wouldn't have worked (not well, at least.) It did what it was supposed to do, and you couldn't tell it was from a box. I suppose whipping it would be a greater test, but I didn't get a chance to do that. I'd buy it again, though.