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Nov 8, 2012 08:51 PM

Finding the right place to eat

My parents are taking me and my boyfriend into the Mission district on Saturday night out for a celebratory dinner. I'm in charge of picking the place-- so I want to strike a balance between someplace nice, and someplace affordable. My parents are budgeting $20 a head for shared appetizers and an entree each (drinks not included.)

I want them to be able to experience somewhere nice, friendly and delicious-- I recently took them to Foreign Cinema, and they loved it. I think they want to be able to reciprocate a little, with a somewhat similar experience, but they can't afford to pay $19 for one persons entree and not be able to afford anything else for that person to enjoy.

Does anyone have recommendations? I don't want to go someplace as casual as Pizzeria Delfina, but Delfina would be too expensive. (If that gives you something of a barometer!)

No Indian, no Asian (too many allergy considerations.) Preferably not pizza or pub food!

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  1. $20 a head is rough for a place more formal than Pizzeria Delfina. For example without the formal-ness parameter, I was thinking Tacolicious, Limon Rotisserie, or maybe Hogs & Rocks.

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      Yep, Limon Rotisserie came immediately to mind. Hog & Rocks might work too, though I feel like I'm eating at a bar (or pub) when I'm there.

    2. Maybe La Traviata or Specchio?

      if it doesn't have to be in the Mission, Helmand Palace might fit.

      1. We had a fun meal with a group of six on Monday night at West of Pecos, sharing apps and mains family style. It was $32 a head all in, with a beer or cocktail each plus two shared desserts. We were so full we could hardly move after, and there were no shy eaters among us :-). Room was lively but not too loud, service was very solid indeed and the food was uniformly delicious. Not sure how it compares in formalness with PD but I'd take my parentals here for sure.

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        1. Chow on Church St might work. It is not too far off the Mission area.

          1. Lolo could work, if you order carefully. It's tapas. You could get 2 apiece for about $20 (one that's more of an app, one that's meat or seafood). Two each is always enough for me & my girlfriends but it depends if the guys are big eaters. Maybe your boyfriend could agree to act full and you have ice cream at home after if he's not :)