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Chocolate spread in Calgary

Superstore used to have this incredible dark chocolate spread, like Nutella but without the hazelnuts, just pure chocolate. But they don't seem to carry it anymore—at least I can't find it at the Signal Hill location. Does anyone know of something similar and where I could get it?

They also used to have a dulce de leche in a jar that doesn't seem to exist anymore either. Has anyone come across it at another location recently, or again, can you let me know of a substitute?


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  1. I just bought some of the PC version about 3 weeks ago at the Country Hills location. I hope they haven't discontinued it again... the Dulce de Leche...so yummy.

    Chocolate spread : Gummi Boutique on Richmond Road posted about a week ago they have the cadbury chocolate spread in stock. I haven't had it in forever.

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      There's a new location for Gummi Boutique opening in Kensington (might be open already), in the same strip as Wake Bistro!

    2. I thought I saw their dulce de leche in the jam section of my local superstore just recently but I could be wrong. I'd try Lina's, Cookbook Co., or (as strange as this may sound) London Drugs-they have a fantastic/strange assortment of foodstuffs.

      1. I ended up at Superstore tonight the Country Hills location... none on the shelf, even the shelf tag is gone. I have to pop into London Drugs in the next 48 hours, I will look there. As mentioned they have an interesting selection of food items.

        1. I wrote in to Superstore asking about both products, so we'll see what they say.

          And, yeah, I agree about London Drugs; it's interesting what food products they carry.

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            If it's the PC Dark Chocolate Spread (no nuts, just chocolate), I saw it at the Deerfoot Meadows Superstore today in the 'peanut butter' aisle next to the peanut butter, nutella, etc. There were a few jars on the shelf.

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              I wonder if they are leftovers as Superstore has said that it's been discontinued. I wish I could get down there to snatch up the remainders.

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                I also saw a bunch at the Southport Superstore. Too bad that they're discontinuing it.

                Because of your post, I actually picked up a jar (expires July 2014), and have been eating it every day since. So bad, but so good...

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                  So true. It's even better than Cadbury's.

                  Maybe if enough people e-mail Superstore about it...

          2. According to the rep, both products have been discontinued :(

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              unbelievable. the dulce de leche was discontinued once before and they brought it back. Hmm I still haven't made it to London Drugs yet. I know I have seen it somewhere else I just can't place where.

              I guess I will be making my own dulce de leche.. crock pot version. yummmy

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                I checked my London Drugs without any success but that doesn't mean that another location doesn't have it.

                I'd ask for your recipe but I don't have a crock pot.

            2. I was at the southwest Sunterra (West Market Square) last week and I saw that they carried both a chocolate spread and a dulce de leche.

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                I found the dulce de leche—thanks! But I didn't see any chocolate spread; sauce but not spread. What section did you see it in?

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                  Eagle brand condensed milk also has Dulce de leche, just bought it at Sobey's....and I guess I will head to Sunterra for Chocolate spread...I was told Willams Sonoma also has it... but I haven't actually gone in yet.

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                      on the store in Edmonton has stock for the Dulce de Leche. I haven't yet opened the Eagle Brand yet... and I think I will just get my crock pot out and make the crockpot recipe on the weekend. It's very easy, just buying it from a jar is that much easier.

              2. Hey Jasz, sorry for the tardy reply. I went to Sunterra yesterday and I found the chocolate spread I was talking about but it is probably not what you are looking for. Upon closer inspection it was a jar of dark cherry Pate au Chocolat. I bought a jar to try out because I thought it would be great with crepes. Unfortuantely I may have bought the last jar...

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                  Thanks for letting me know. And for goodness sake, report back on how the Pâté au chocolat is.

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                    So I busted out the Pate au Chocolat this weekend. The plan was to spread it on crepes as an alternative to Nutella. Maybe it is my fault for thinking it would have the same spreadable consistency as Nutella but it was rock hard. Not sure if I bought a super old jar that hardened with age or it was actually supposed to be this way. When I took my knife to spread the product on the crepes it crumbled. Perhaps I should have popped it into the microwave for a few seconds to soften it up? If anyone is familiar with this product and can weigh in as to what it is supposed to be like?

                    Oh, as for the taste, it is delicious.

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                      http://www.wildlydelicious.com/produc... Unfortunately, based on their product description and the picture, I'd say you have old product. You can try heating it --if it's still dry try adding a tablespoon or two of milk/cream to loosen it up.

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                        Thanks MS... I popped it into the microwave for 20 seconds and it did the trick.

                2. The chocolate spread is back at Superstore!

                  1. you can get dulce de leche in a jar at the Italian Store (Scarpones) without fail.