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Nov 8, 2012 08:07 PM

The Rules of Combining Fresh Fruit

I love to eat fruits, but my mom likes to mix all sorts of them into fruit salads. Her latest concoction consisted of fuyu persimmons, apples, oranges, and watermelon. The flavors were altered, and it tasted funny! What went wrong?

I searched the internet, and all I found were rules about not putting together certain types (acid, sub-acid, sweet, melons) because of digestive reasons. What about no-nos to prevent funky flavors? I would really appreciate any insight on this dilemma. Thanks!

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  1. There are _no_ rules.
    Experiment. and discover what you like.
    You mom actually has the right idea.

    1. If there were such rules then Jamba Juice would be put out of business.

      1. rules? no. mix and match to your heart's content

        1. My guess is one of the fruits was off.

          1. No rules, but a little common sense and understanding of flavors and textures helps whenever you want to improvise. To me, crunchy apples don't mix with squishy oranges and - although I love fuyu persimmon, it is a bit on the mushy/slimy side. I think the flavors in your mother's salad do not compliment one another and may even clash. Certain combinations work well, others do not.

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              I think textures are very important in combining fresh fruit in a salad. I couldn't agree more with your illustration of crunch and squishy. A bumpy fresh fruit salad actually bothers my mouth and I won't eat it. I'm not suggesting every food needs to be mushy...but definately consider the texture and cut size of each fruit....then, the choices are easy.