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Nov 8, 2012 07:12 PM

Craft Beer and Cheese

Some thoughts on beer/cheese pairing:

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  1. If I'm drinking a rather unremarkable beer then I don't mind pairing it with cheese. However if it's an excellent beer that I really want to fully taste and enjoy I won't let cheese get anywhere near my mouth.

    1. I absolutely love beer and cheese pairings. I am a big fan of wine but I honestly believe that craft beer is a far better pairing fr cheese.

      Some of my favorite pairings are a hoppy IPA and a nutty gruyere or a roasty malty stout with nice sharp Cheddar.

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        Agree about beer and cheese pairings being good particularly the darker Belgian beers.
        I particularly like Orval with a blue cheese like Stichelton.

      2. Beer and cheese pairings are becoming very popular. Culture, the cheese magazine for cheese retails, etc. does many articles on cheese/beer.
        My cheese shop has many beer pairing events with local pubs and in house as well.
        Recently did a 5 beer Appalachian Brewing event with 10 cheeses.