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Nov 8, 2012 06:32 PM

easy lunch w/teen near SDSU or Grossmont College for

I'm taking a family friend on college tours tomorrow at SDSU and Grossmont. Is there anywhere near either school that's good for a basic lunch (salads, sammies, burgers, etc) a 17-yr old won't shun?

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  1. Terra...on El Cajon Blvd. a block or so east of 70th. The housemade tater tots were great last itme I had them . Then go 3 or 4 blocks further east and pick up a cupcake from Pub Cakes

    1. How about DZ Akins for an old fashioned Jewish style deli? Great sandwiches, patty melts, and hamburgers. 6930 Alvarado Road, San Diego, CA

      Or Brigantine makes some decent pub grub and seafood. My son likes their burgers and sliders, but I'm partial to their fish tacos.

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        The Matzoh Ball soup, corned beef knish and corned beef hash at DZ are good and they give huge portions there. The Jewish deli sandwiches/appetizing are not that good.

      2. K n B Wine Cellar has inexepensive lunch specials and is on Del Cerro Blvd right up the hill from SDSU. Not as good as Terra, but quicker and cheaper.

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          Good call on KnB. Nicalosi's might work too

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            Thanks for the suggestions - We had a lovely lunch at Terra. The teen was grossed out by the "not ketchup ketchup" but enjoyed the ginger lemongrass lemonades. A successful outing with a 17 yr old for sure!

            1. re: salustro

              I'm not wild about (okay, I seriously dislike it) their ketchup that isn't ketchup either, so I can totally see how a 17 year old would be grossed out by it. But otherwise, glad to hear Terra worked out for you.