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Nov 8, 2012 06:29 PM

Granville Island Goings On

In the spirit of having one thread about this unique and dynamic centre-of-the-city neighbourhood......

The organic veggie place @ GIM is a goner-not surprising given the slow business, steep rents and poisonous politics of the place.

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  1. That's a pity -- any idea what will be taking up that very large space?

    1. Not really a loss. Inconsistent quality and overpriced. Hope they use the space wisely.

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      1. re: lominator

        For the moment the space is being used for tables & chairs for market goers-I expect it'll be a while before someone jumps in with fistfuls of money trying to make a buck.

      2. On a positive note, the newish French rotisserie and olive oil purveyor,, L'Epicerie, has very addictive sandwiches and by far the best whole roast chicken I have had in Vancouver. Definitely the quality of food that I wish all the prepared food stands on the island had. Prices are high but at least the delish factor is there. They used to discount the chickens after 6:00 pm but have caught on...