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Nov 8, 2012 06:14 PM

Trader Joe's coming soon to Hyde & Calif, SF

Just saw a pic of Trader Joe's coming soon to Hyde & Calif, SF. Hope someone can report back when it's open.


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  1. the Cala site? excellent idea, the SOMA TJ isn't all that far, but the Polk street bus doesn't run often enough and few on Nob Hill have a car.

    1. The North Beach TJ's is actually a lot closer to Nob Hill than the 9th and Brannan store, and accesssible via the 47 on Van Ness and the Powell/Mason CC. The real question is whether it will be open all night like Cala was.

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      1. re: soupçon

        the 47? ugh, would take forever. the Powell/Mason? too crowded even on off hours.

        the 24-7 is the important question.

        1. re: hill food

          Hey, the 47 bus isn't that bad. Not outstanding or anything, but OK for TJs and Safeway. I doubt the Hyde St TJs will be 24/7, the others aren't.

          1. re: TenderNob

            I doubt it too. besides if you need 750 ml of something at 1:30 AM there are plenty of places to go on Sutter.

      2. Walked by this morning and late afternoon. They are stocking the shelves and finishing up details. I'd guess the opening will be before Thanksgiving and maybe this next week...looks real close.

        1. I talked to one of the managers at Masonic and he said the store was going to have less inventory than others because it will share the space with CVS.

          1. A TJ worker who was sitting outside the new store a few days ago told me November 30.