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Nov 8, 2012 05:37 PM

need a restaurant near 79-10 34th Avenue in Jackson Heights...

spending the evening there tomorrow night, would love any suggestions. We love all kinds of food-- esp asian and indian-- thanks in advance!

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  1. many many many many choices

    on 37th avenue around 74/75)
    thakali (nepalese) is excellent
    afghan kebab is pretty good
    la portena (argentine) very good

    on 74th off 37th
    mumbai grill (indian) is pretty good, as is delhi heights (indian/tibetan)

    on roosevelt at 76th, taqueria coatzingo is very good mexican

    roosevelt around 72nd, zomsa (tibetan) and himalayan yak are very good

    on northern, there's an italian at 73rd called trieste, which i like.