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Nov 8, 2012 04:26 PM

Gilbertsville Tea room - has anyone been and used a Groupon Voucher?

Purchased a Groupon for this tea room a while back and had tried in the past to book a reservation, but she was either full or away on vacation for the dates we had requested. Not a problem, we had plenty of time to pick a date. So today, when my wife tried to make a reservation, the lady on the phone was extremely rude and unprofessional. When my wife inquired about a reservation for the upcoming weekend because we had a Groupon voucher we wanted to use, she basically made a comment that "all you people with those Groupon vouchers leave reservations to the last minute just so you can use it before it expires. You can either come Friday November 16 at 11am or else email Groupon and get your money back. I don't get much out of it anyway." What lovely customer service. Yes, we were trying to use it before it expired, but to make a comment like that was uncalled for, seeing as we weren't trying to use it before the voucher was valid or after it had already expired. So my wife talked to a friend who had just gone to this place, and the review wasn't great - fabulous decor, but terrible slow service and mediocre food. So yes, madam tea lady, I will be calling Groupon to request a refund, thanks for the advice. You saved us some money and time that we might have either spent at your establishment being less than inspired by all that your tea room has to offer. Hopefully other people have had pleasant experiences or I don't know how long this place will stay open, seeing as they are able to just turn away business with their rude attitude. Or perhaps she's just allergic to Groupons. If Groupon isn't working out for you financially, then don't sign your business up for the vouchers.

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  1. wubar, your comments are echoed on Trip Advisor and Yelp along with a few comments made that seemed almost too good to be true. I had been past this place once and wondered, why here? Gilbertsville the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch country, really ? Quite right about the Groupon thing. Of course someone would want to use it before it expires. While I would have never considered stopping there for anything; I am sure your comments will save others from huge disappointment , expense and waste of time.

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      A Tea Room on the Graterford Penitentiary/ Perkiomenville Flea Market/ Zern's route makes for a potentially interesting clientele. Let's put on our Caterpillar baseball caps and sip some Oolong while taking notes on the gene pool

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        Great observation, indeed. Now, a reason to stop by "interesting clientele" along with ones cup of Oolong.

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          Saw the title of this thread and wondered, huh? Your response is priceless.

      2. Same here. Although I left a message and they returned my call, telling me they were booked up with people trying to use the groupons. However, the woman I talked to was very nice and pointed out to me that the value of the groupon is still good, and would be usable when presented-in other words $15 off the bill. It states that at the groupon site as well that the amount paid will never expire and will be honored by the merchant. Something I just learned this week too!