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Nov 8, 2012 04:08 PM

Thanksgiving in Destin - 30A

My wife and I will be in Sandestin for TG. Looking for served entree, no buffet. Price not particularly important, but not up for Ruth Chris. Don't want to fight crowds at Harbor Docks. My all time fav here was French Thanksgiving (pheasant breast) at Cafe Provance, but they're gone. Also tried Marina Cafe, one year with indifferent result. Help me Hounds!!!

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  1. Wow..good luck there..might try some of the nice 30A restaurants; Destin or Baytowne may be a bit "plastic"

    1. call "V" on 30A.
      Not sure about the particulars but they are certainly worth a phone call.

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        "V" on 30A is good. Also, try Cuvee Bistro on hwy 98 in Destin. Seagar's in the Hilton SanDestin is an excellent restaurant. My DH and I have been to all 3 of these. IMHO, my order: 1. Seagar's 2. Cuvee Bistro & 3. "V"

      2. We had a great TG at Stinky's Fish Camp on 30A in Santa Rosa. Maybe a dozen tastes, acorn squash, sweet potato, house made cranberry, creamed corn, and of course turkey, stuffing, gravy, and it was perfect. Valet parking, reservation honored on arrival, drinks and oysters in front of us fifteen minutes after reservation time. We had lunch there twice more on a 30 day stay and I think it might be my favorite in Destin.
        We also had good experiences at Harbor Docks. I love their shrimp fried rice, and my bride's sesame amberjack was excellent.
        The best oysters, and possibly worst po' boy was at Acme in Baytown Wharf. Burritos at La Paz were good. Bud and Ally's serves a good lunch. Great Southern yielded two great, and one mediocre lunch. Pompano Joes had the worst fish sand, but the best view.
        I've stayed in Sandestin for a month for the last eleven years. We prefer to go to lunch late and then eat light at the condo for dinner. Yes, getting old and cheap.
        And on the cheap, the Cuban sandwich at Publix deli is way better than I expected.