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Nov 8, 2012 04:08 PM

dining options for a group on Fremont Street

I'm looking for dinner options on Fremont Street for a work group. There will be about 10-12 of us. We're all staying at the Golden Nugget and would prefer a mid range budget place ($20 entrees) within walking distance. Any recommendations? Thank you in advance.

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  1. The restaurant at El Cortez is suppose to be pretty good. Haven't been there fr 30 years though.

    1. LeThai is good.

      The ElCortez is basic fare, I usually get the $7.95 8oz prime rib.

      How long of a walk is too far? I ask because a friend and I walk from Fremont to Charleston on occassion.

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        I'd say 30 mins is the outer limit on walking.

        1. The steak house in El Cortez (as opposed to the other restaurant in the facility) is very good. My husband and I ate there last December. The room quite large and can get noisy as the evening goes on. They have a piano player. I think prices are slightly higher than the $20, but the steaks we had were cooked to perfection. We're going back to Vegas next week and plan to eat there again. Reservations will be a must for a group as large as yours.

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            At $20 pp you are going to be very limited in your choices. Triple George would work. You may want to consider a buffet such as Main Street Station. In addition, there are a few specials available:

            The Redwood Bar & Grill inside the California has a $24 special 18oz Porterhouse Steak special that includes:
            • Soup or Salad
            • Vegetable
            • Starch of choice
            • Apple Dumpling & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with Rum sauce

            The Pasta Pirate in the California has an $18 Steak & Lobster Special that includes
            • 7oz. Sirloin Steak
            • 4oz. Lobster Tail
            • Glass of House Wine
            • Zuppa Di Pesce (Seafood Soup) or Salad
            • Fresh Bread