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Nov 8, 2012 04:00 PM

La Caretta Framingham-Closed?

Drove by last night and it seemed dark so I called and the phone is disconnected

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  1. Oddly enough, I ate there with my family maybe 3-4 weeks ago and the menus said Blue Agave not La Caretta. We have eaten at La Caretta at least a half dozen times and know the menus well and were surprised to see new menus with a new restaurant name. Everything else was the same. It was very odd.

    That's too bad if they closed. While the service was inconsistent (always friendly but frequently messed up orders) I thought the food was pretty good. Significantly better than Magaritas up the street.

    1. they always seemed so busy, its hard to imagine why they closed.

      If they are, indeed, under new management, I hope they still have the same tequila list :)

      I always liked them better than Margarita's, or Acapulco.

      1. I must recant. They were open Friday.The phone number was from Yelp. I do beleive they had a sign they were under new management

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