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Christmas Day Dinner

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Looking for someplace to go for Christmas. We were going every year to Peninsula....looking to go somewhere new. Scarpetta? Would rather have a seated dinner served family style. Either a hotel or free-standing restaurant. Any advice?

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  1. Not sure who is open, but my first thoughts would be the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, The Four Seasons and the Beverly Hills Hotel.

    BW is CUT, FS is Culina (great Italian) and of course BH is The Polo Lounge.

    At least you can know they'll be open.

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      Thanks to each of you for your suggestions.

    2. The Royce.

      1. Fig

        1. Dim sum in the SGV.

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            No dim sum at dinner service.

          2. I am also looking for Christmas Dinner, so these suggestions are a great place to start. Anyone know if any of the following places are open this Christmas for dinner?

            Osteria Mozza

            Or anyplace similar to this - I'm looking forward to having a nice quiet dinner with good food if possible.


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              I believe Fig wil be open because it is a hotel restaurant. The others on your list I think not. Valentino's in Santa Monica will be open.