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Nov 8, 2012 03:30 PM

Fair lawn Russian ??

Given the amount of Russian people in the fairlawn area, I assume there are sit down restaurants to accommodate, but save for the Russian deli, pharmacy, and sauna I've seen no such signs of a place. Does a sit down restaurant - Ukrainian , polish, Georgian, or Russian Russian in fairlawn exist. I know Garfield's got a couple, but I'm assuming there's on here

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  1. I grew up in Fair Lawn. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread. Altho, I'm not aware of any at this time.

    1. I live in Fair Lawn, but I was only familiar with the excellent take out at the Russian Grocery store on Broadway, next to the Farmer' s Market. But a quick look at Yelp reveals a Russian Restaurant on River Road - Taste of Home LLC. Hmm, didn't know that.

      checked some more - this may be just a nice deli.....

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        So after googling, I found taste of home and went to go check it longer exists. Apparently it was in the building where Picnic is now before the building burnt down (don't know the history, but that's what the Russian pharmacist who works at the Taste of Home told me).

        I went to the grocery store on Broadway and indeed, it does have a wealth of food. Bought some borsht and wasn't too crazy about it, though it could just be my personal taste.

        I remember driving somewhere in fair lawn (major road) and seeing a place with a large yellow awning (plastic like) and it saying something like "Great Home Cooking- Russian" though for the life of me, I don't know where this is....From my recollection about the road, it seemed it must have been Fair Lawn Ave or Broadway but I have yet to see it again.

        1. re: sixelagogo

          No. Taste of Home was never in the plaza building. Before the fire, where the pharmacy was was the Italian restaurant that started the fire. Where I am was the stationary store, and the expanded Radburn deli, after the fire it was always Quiznos. I can't think of a single Russian restaurant in Fair Lawn, and neither can my Russian waitress (who lives in town). Gosh, there should be!

          Wait a minute! Taste of home was in the plaza building, but it was a small take out place that stocked lots of caviar.