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Nov 8, 2012 03:19 PM

Sichuan in Seattle?

I'm going to be visiting the in-laws this weekend and am looking for good sichuan in Seattle. I will be mostly in First Hill/Capitol Hill during the day and Shoreline in the evenings. Any recommendations without going to far to the east or south?

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    1. re: jlbwendt

      The linked thread is good. If you are not looking to go to the Eastside, Seven Stars Pepper and Sichuanese Cuisine are probably your best bets; both are convenient to First/Cap Hill. I haven't been to either in ages--I go to the Eastside--so I'd love a report on how they were, if you go. It's probably worth trying to convince the waitstaff that you like authentic/spicy food when you order (I'm assuming that's the case since you want Sichuan).

    2. If you are in Shoreline it's worth going a little bit further to Szecuan 99 in Lynnwood. Any of the special bean curd dishes are a must try. I can't remember if it's the hot braised beef or the Szechuan 99 beef that was spicy beef served over napa cabbage but it was excellent. Other dishes I like are the Szechuan chicken, chicken with small peppers, red pepper chicken. Look for the chef specialties symbol on the menu.

      1. If you're in First Hill, there's not much point in going further afield than Sichuanese cuisine (which I think is overall better than 7 Stars), or Szechuan 99 if you're in Shoreline. You'll be driving 30-45 minutes to get to something else, and it won't be that much better. It will be better, though, so if you're a quality obsessive, than by all means, do it.

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        1. re: dagoose

          Oh, it doesn't even take me that long to get to Bellevue from Phinney Ridge. It'd be breeze from Cap/First Hill.

        2. I heartily support the recommendation of Sichuanese Cuisine.