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Nov 8, 2012 03:14 PM

Pasco County, Florida - any must eat's?

Hi All. I just moved down (from New York State) to New Port Richey, Florida. Just wondering if there are any restaurants in the area, or across the county, that I should be aware of. It can be a dive to a fancy sit down. I love all cuisines, so any suggestions would truly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Pappas Ranch and International Beer Garten in Odessa can be pretty good.

    Or you could hit the Sponge Docks down in Tarpon Springs for Greek. Hellas, Mr. Souvolaki, Mykonos, Dimitri's are all fairly solid choices.

    1. Try Molly Goodheads in Ozona. I like their grouper sandwich.

      1. The quintessential dive:

        Wicked Wings n' More:
        home of 50ยข wings and $1.50 drafts; don't let the price fool you, the wings are really good...

        1. I just ate at Pearl in the Grove and it was fantastic. Creative eclectic menu, warm service, and calorie-worthy desserts.

          1. Miss Vicky's on the River and Molly Goodhead's in Ozona, which is technically not Pasco but Miss Vicky's is the only Pasco restaurant I would personally recommend.