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Nov 8, 2012 03:08 PM

Chocolate Chip Cookies at Ashley's Cafe [Inner Richmond]

My friend swears by the chocolate chip cookies at Ashley's Cafe in the Inner Richmond, so after lunch at Mandalay we stopped by to split one. The cafe is pleasant and well lit, with a few patrons typing on their laptops or having a bite for lunch.

The counter has a huge display of baked goods, many of which appear to be carted in from elsewhere, but the cookies piled on a plate near the register are made in house. The texture is lumpy, with big chunks of chocolate and visible moistness, just on this side of underdone.

My favorite cafe cookies are Polkadotties, which have a toffee-like flavor and slight caramelization. Ashley's are a different order, neither crisp nor cake-like, but very satisfying--I never really understood the cookie dough trend when that came around, but these cookies seem of that order. Big chunks of chocolate, but not so many as to crowd out the brown sugar flavor of the dough. $2.75 each, a little expensive but fine for an occasional treat.

Ashley's Cafe
6th and California

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