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Nov 8, 2012 02:46 PM

Smoke City

Okay, here comes MarkC again bogarting everyone's favorite restaurants. I went to Smoke City the other day, having seen it listed as one of the best places in town for brisket. First, when I got the bill, I did a double take, because the meal was listed at around $9, and I was charged over $11. The guy told me that the price on the menu was for a half pound, but it's by weight, and so if they give you more, you're charged for it. Okay, nice trick I guess. Besides that, the brisket was nothing to write home about. I'd ordered the moist brisket, but it was dry and not very flavorful, with none of the smokiness I was looking for in a good bbq brisket. So I won't be going back there.

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    1. re: linus

      That expression was actually used by one of my detractors on this site who accused me of "bogarting" all the good restaurants. I never knew what it meant. Thanks for the correction.

    2. Bludso's is my favorite barbecue spot but I must admit that I really enjoy the moist brisket at Smoke City....I found it moist, flavorful and that it had great smoke flavor. Smoke City is pricy so I can understand not giving it a second chance but consider trying it again.