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Nov 8, 2012 02:37 PM

Thanksgiving Appetizers?

What is everyone making? I don't like apps that are very heavy on Thanksgiving, since the meal and desserts tend to be on the heavy side. Ideas?

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  1. I'm taking the easy way out...either baked brie with cranberries that came from Real Simple or the goat cheese and mushroom strudel off of

    1. A house favorite is herbed shrimp salad on endives. (no mayo; vinaigrette) If you don't care for endive spears, cucumber boats are delicious little vehicles.
      Prawn cocktails are popular and delicious, if a little retro, but then we're all about retro.
      BLT cherry tomatoes disappear like magic.
      If you can find great fresh tomatoes that aren't priced like diamonds, bruschetta's always delicious.
      Artichoke herts, or mushroom caps, stuffed with a sausage stuffing, are a little rich, but people really can't eat too many, at least in my experience, and boy do they love 'em.

      1. I usually make a simple plate of prosciutto-wrapped persimmons. Peel and cut the persimmons into wedges. Toss with a bit of balsamic vinegar. Wrap with prosciutto (no need to secure with toothpicks). Arrange on a platter and grind some pepper over those bad boys.

        It feels healthy and light because it's fruit (and so many people never try persimmons), but everyone digs in because cured pork is involved.

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          JJS360.....sounds delicious. Also love prosciutto wrapped mango

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            That sounds terrific, JJS360. I've done it many times w/ asparagus, but I love persimmons, and you're so right about people being a little unfamiliar with them, not to mention about flocking towards anything involving that good old cured pork product. Need to try this, being a huge fan of the sweet/savory combo. Thanks.

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              I do something similar. I use bresaola rather than prosciutto. I also put a few leaves of wild arugula in between the persimmon and the meat. I drizzle with saba. I also like to spear with a toothpick so they are easy and clean to eat with your fingers.

              Either variant should be well received.

            2. It's just my husband & I, so we take the easy way out & just do some commercial baked snacks. Our local Safeway supermarket's own brand of different baked appetizer snacks are WONDERFUL!! I wouldn't even hesitate to serve them to company. Flavor & quality are fantastic, & we've tried nearly all of them. In addition, Giant supermarket's own brand ("Simply Enjoy") of little Spanokopita triangles are also wonderful, so we buy those as well.

              I pop them into the oven before I put in the turkey, & we enjoy them while the dear turkey is roasting.

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                I just picked up a giant box of Spanokopita from Costco as we are having a crowd coming to a rental space with a big oven. I love these and can't imagine making them from scratch. I will make bar nuts and some stuffed celery and the famous fat black olives from a can will be on the table. Still mulling over how complicated I want to get.

                1. re: Berheenia

                  plus one on the Costco spanokopita - up here in Vancouver Canada - they now sell it in a "ready to bake tray" (you still get the 48 pieces) - very handy esp at a rental cottage

                  1. re: Berheenia

                    Another "yay" vote for Costco's Spanokopita. They're great. I've made it myself as it was my paternal grandmother's specialty. She (& I) make it in strudel form which you then slice, so it's more like a sit-down appetizer than a finger food like the little triangles.