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Nov 8, 2012 01:57 PM

quito advice

Planning a trip to Quito in early February. Looking for a boutique upscale hotel where we can also eat some dinners. Have heard about Casa Gangotena and Cafe Cultura. What do you think about them? How are these neighborhoods for sightseeing? Could you recommend a larger hotel if you like them better. Also how is the Astrid y Gaston restaurant in Quito? We enjoyed eating at the ones in Santiago, Lima, and Bogota. Any other comments would also be great. Thank you.

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  1. I stayed at Cafe Cultura. We did not sleep for 3 nights. The back rooms were tiny and noisy. We were moved to the upstairs with creaking stairs and the bus station non stop outside. What a bad experience. The hotel is charming, well located and GREAT staff. I loved Alma and Zazu for dining. Go to Mosaico for drinks and views at sunset, DO NOT eat there. We were the chef's guests at Alma dining at the chef's table. It was an amazing experience. Go to the Guyasamina Museo. Pretty amazing. The cathedrals are incredible.