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Nov 8, 2012 01:31 PM

Noteworthy boulangerie in 3rd or 4th?

Hi All - I know the Marais is filled w/ great boulangeries, but is there one in particular you love? We land around 730am so I'm thinking a good pastry/croissant will be in order. Rather than having to make a trek once we get to the apartment, I'd love to know somewhere in the area.


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  1. 134RDT at 134 Rue de Turenne across the street from Jacques Genin.

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    1. re: Delucacheesemonger

      I bought croissants there a few months back and was disappointed. I would buy croissants at Pain de Sucre instead.

    2. Pain de Sucre might stand out as the best.
      Poîlane, mostly for their miche.
      Gérard Mulot, for the chocolate tarte and I like their chocolate almond croissant.
      Sacha Finkelsztajn for jewish-style pastries and desserts.
      Au Levain Du Marais has good croissants.

      Not exhaustive, but the neighborhood is a little short on standout croissants I think.

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      1. re: nurblieh

        A strong Plus 1 for RDT's croissants and baguettes, plus it's across the street from Genin, if you crave viennoiseries etc.

        Closer to rue Francs-Bourgeois, Le Moulin de Rosa on rue de Turenne has a dependable croissant and pain raisin.