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Nov 8, 2012 01:10 PM

Mt Washington Tavern

Has anybody been since they re-opened? I was there summer of 2011 before the fire and was unimpressed. Has the food changed at all?

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  1. Went the other night, the new space is amazing, the food needs help.
    The mussels which themselves were good had a limp, undercooked handful of fries thrown on top, the caesar salad was drowning in dressing to the point where I tasted garlic for 2 days. "Whole Belly Fried Clams" could have been anything, they were flattened ovals that were overfried to the point of being dark brown, if there was clam inside I couldn't tell. I will give it time before going back or maybe just go back for a drink, decent beer and wine selection.

    1. I was there last week days ago for lunch. Lovely space but lousy food and service. Hopefully since this was the first day everyone was nervous and busy, etc. We waited one hour for our food! Very atypical for that place. The reuben's toast was burnt (but was served cool), the club sandwich a mess, the crab soup was served cool, not even lukewarm! I think all our food had been waiting for a long time to be served which was why everything we got was cool in temp. I will definitely wait a while before returning and hopefully they will have worked out the kinks by then.

      1. The food still needs help. Went the other night, an off the menu special of steamed shrimp were so overcooked you could hardly get the shells off of them. Fried oysters were soggy. Apparently steamed shrimp will be on the new menu debuting in the next couple of weeks, I'd steer clear. The only thing I have had that was decent is the burger.

        1. We went today for brunch to check out the new decor. The food was still awful. The eggs were over cooked to the point of being hard for two omlettes. We still are not sure what the filling was cooked in, but that was also not good. The salmon latkes dish lacked seasoning and was surprisingly small for the price. Not sure what happened to the crab in the crab dip.

          Needless to say, this was a disappointment. Especially at the start of the O's season, where it would be a great regular place to go before taking the light rail to games.

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            I am giving up on the food there and just considering it a place to have a couple of drinks. The food wasn't good before the fire, really hoped the reopening would have helped that but alas, no.

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              Honestly, CHers, what did you expect? The food was terrible before the fire, so why did anyone think it would improve afterwards?

            2. The original comment has been removed