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Nov 8, 2012 12:22 PM

Need a "science" based treat or snack this afternoon -- egg cream? other?

I need a (loosely interpreted) science-based treat for this afternoon, mid-city. My initial thoughts were egg creams, phosophates, or boba. The kids would probably prefer the first two. Anyone have a rec for egg creams? Other? Milk does a few things that could be called phosophates but I'd prefer to use it as a backup.

Mr. JudiAU suggested konnyaku which doesn't really work as a "treat"

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    1. California Science Center has Space Ice Cream.

      1. Ice cream float at MILK.

        1. I'm afraid my suggestion is too late for this time, but in case it comes up again, you can make ice cream in a plastic bag (each kid shakes up his own bag), and link the snack to states of matter, freezing / melting point, heat, exothermic reactions, nutrition, etc.

          1. We couldn't do Langers because we couldn't get there before closing. But I think it would have been the best choice. I'll try this Saturday and enjoy an egg cream with a good sandwich too.

            We did go to milk for something billed as a phosphate but was not. It was really just okay with creme soda making it way too sweet. Bummer because everyone would have enjoyed the plain ice cream without the "science" more.

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              Canter's serves phosphates and vanilla or chocolate egg cream. And no need to rush in getting there before closing. They're open 24 hours except on the principal Jewish holidays when they close.

              1. re: Sam D.

                Another, very convenient suggestion. We'll try these next.