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Nov 8, 2012 12:21 PM

Suggestions for Italian for my birthday - party of about 20

Hi, I am looking for a fun, cozy Italian place for my birthday -- 20 -25 people. $$ priced. I have been trying to book for 3 days at Osteria La Buca and what morons-- they won't take a reservation for large groups over the phone and they don't respond to emails. So any other suggestions? Melrose, Noho, Hollywood areas please. Thanks, chow-peeps!

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  1. Did you try the offshoot Osteria Mama? It's right down the street from La Buca, equally delicious, and I find it to be slightly less pretentious, too. I've also called in like 1 hour before arriving and gotten a reservation (obviously for that big a party I'd call ahead much earlier than 1 hour :)

    I've never been to Ca'Brea, but I've heard very good things about their food, so that's another option. It's on La Brea below 3rd Street a bit.

    1. What does $$ priced mean?
      Amarone on Sunset is practically the definition of "cozy," has good Iti-chow and reasonable prices.
      Moving up in price -- one of the Mozzas private rooms.

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        Mozza is too expensive. I'm looking for the price range of Osteria La Buca, which on yelp is indicated by $$.

      2. Maybe you could reserve the entire room at Little Dom's?

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          OK, never mind -- I just made a reservation at Tiramisu in Sherman Oaks. I've been there several times before and always love it, but wanted to try something new. But sheesh, what gives, that it takes 3 days to book a group reservation at Osteria La Buca? Really? They just lost about $1,000 worth of business . . .

          1. re: WendyE

            Love Il Tiramisu. My go to place in the valley for Italian. Great hosts, excellent food, full bar. A bit sedate though. Funny, I have probably been there 60 times for lunch over the years and 55 of those times, Fred Dryer is there having lunch too. Finally, asked the owner if he had an interest in the place. He said no but he eats there virtually every day. FYI he loves the salmon. My fav there is the sausage. Great bread too. Have a great bday.

            1. re: Thor123

              Thanks! Yeah, it is a little on the sedate side, but the food, service and wine are so good, the place is run by a father and son, so you feel a little like you're back in the old country, and if the company is good (I love my friends and colleagues!), then we make our own vibe.

              1. re: WendyE

                Father and son are great. Totally agree.