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Nov 8, 2012 12:15 PM


I know where to get good pizza and Chinese and have been told of a good bakery, but I need to know the best place to grocery shop and some other good places to eat out please. We already know and LOVE Palace Royal, thanks to a kind person on this board:) A good butcher may be handy too:)

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  1. Espresso Cafe & Sushi Bar on Castor Ave
    Judah Mediterranean Grill on Krewstown Road

    ShopRite on the Boulevard (Roosevelt Blvd & Haldeman Ave) has a big kosher dept
    Giant Supermarket on Huntingdon Pike in Rockledge had a kosher dept when it was Genuardi's I think it still does

    1. Espresso Cafe & Sushi on Castor Ave
      Judah Mediterranean Grill on Krewstown Road
      Burger.Org in Elkins Park (not too far and its in the old Max & David location)
      Krispy Kreme Donuts on Oxford Avenue

      ShopRite on Roosevelt Blvd & Haldeman Ave has a big kosher department
      Stop N Shop on Huntingdon Pike (just outside NE Phila) had a kosher department when it was Genuardi's, I think I heard it still does.

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        Was at Shoprite before Sandy - liked it alot! HAvent been to Espresso or Judah YET - will have to try them both:) Was at B.O when it was Max and Davids - I mis Ma and D"s:( Does Burger have the same wings that they do on Siuth Street? LOVE them!

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          My husband thanks you for the info on KK too! He loved it when we were in VA and could buy kosher ones:)