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Nov 8, 2012 11:59 AM

Blind Pig

I went here a few days back and thought it could use a dedicated thread. The concept and menu was very similar to what Sitka and Spruce was when it was in this space. Squash w/ wheatberries, mint and pomegranate was a knock-out; so much more than the sum of its parts. Smoked fish also v. good; pork belly with clams was exceptionally well cooked. There was a chocolate dessert with a foodie/trendy purple chile pepper powder, similar to a cross of mousse and flourless cake batter (french name I can't recall), oustanding stuff, I lobbied for a second but was overruled. Unlisted cocktails, a mixture of local and French wines. Good pricing ($160 for 3 persons, IIRC). Recommended.

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  1. A group of four of us went a while back. They have an option to order the entire menu for ~$140 so that's what we did. Most everything was quite good. The bavette steak was fantastic. I like the space better than when it was S&S.

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      The steak I was served this summer there had a charred eggplant sauce (think burnt, pureed eggplant) that was certainly the best thing I have eaten this year.

    2. We went over the summer and loved everything.

      1. This place doesn't get much pub. Is it because of it's location?