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Nov 8, 2012 11:15 AM

Client Dinner near Convention Center

I am in charge of picking a restaurant for a client dinner for 6 or 7 people near the Convention Center (Gas Lamp area) for next Tuesday. The clients are young-ish and fun, so we don't want anything too stuffy, but it can't be super casual either. Is there anywhere people recommend? i looked on Zagat, and the top rated places are all steakhouses, which we don't want, since we have dinners Sunday and Monday at steak places. Thanks in advance for any advice you can give me!

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      1. re: master815k

        Chloe is great if you can get the large table reserved.

        1. re: RocknB

          I just went to Oceanaire last week, and found the food was good - fresh seafood and the best crab cake I've tasted on the West Coast (not that I go out of my way to try, having lived in Northern VA before). I did think the atmosphere was a bit more formal outside the small packed happy hour bar. That was packed, so if you go for the dolla oysters, go early.

        2. +2 on Bice. Upscale Italian, modern place where you can still talk; quiet little corner just outside all the madness.

          1. I would look at Roy's, basically at the convention center, in the Marriott Marquis. You could also look at Rama Thai, Bice, Candelas and Searsucker.