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Where can I buy Okra in Denver?

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Hi All, Anyone know of where I can buy fresh or frozen Okra in Denver CO area?

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  1. I've bought frozen in any grocery store I've ever tried to buy it at. Fresh I've never worked with but have seen it at regular groceries on occasion, I assume during season but I haven't a clue when that is.

    1. Where have you tried?

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        Hi Frank, I've tried Whole Foods.

      2. I've seen it on and off at Sprouts or H-Mart. . .I think it depends on whether they get a fresh shipment.

        1. I can usually buy it fresh at Viet Hoa Supermarket, 5810 W. Alameda Ave., Lakewood, CO 80226, tel. 303-975-9900. I can always buy it frozen at Kroger/City Market.