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Nov 8, 2012 09:47 AM

Asheville - Is Green Tea Sushi the best in town?

We've tried Zen Sushi and Green Tea sushi, and Green Tea was better by a mile! The fish at Green Tea was tastier, the fish-to-rice ratio was more balanced and the prices seem very comparable.

The only thing is, neither place felt very inviting or well-scrubbed. (I hope I'm not breaking any rules by saying that.) When we lived in Houston, there was great sushi and several up-scale sushi restaurants that seemed very well maintained. Are we missing a hidden gem somewhere? Thanks for any tips!

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  1. Wasabi and Heiwa downtown are my favorites for sushi, and I love all of the non-sushi small plate offerings at Heiwa as well. Umi in nearby Hendersonville is fabulous if you don't mind driving a bit.

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      Thanks! I had heard that Wasabi was good, but I had never heard of Heiwa. Can't wait to try them both. :D

      1. re: Heightsgirl

        Umi in Hendersonville is by far the best around. For Asheville, we like Sogo (in Gerber Village), it is great ( many of the same rolls as green tea) but muuuuch cleaner.