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Nov 8, 2012 08:39 AM

Tasmanian Ocean Trout (A.K.A. Sea Trout)

Where can I buy Tasmanian Ocean Trout (A.K.A. Sea Trout) here in the U.S.? Specifically, the sustainably harvested Ocean Trout from South Australia, delivered fresh or frozen, either whole or filets. Have you ordered it online and have a website to share, and know of a retailer who ships within the U.S.? So many folks offer substitutes for Ocean Trout (i.e., red trout, wild sockeye salmon, steelhead, etc.); however, I need the Ocean Trout that we enjoy at sushi restaurants and such. Thanks!

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  1. Just so we know what you're talking about, do you have a Latin name for the species you're looking for? I ask since just based on a quick online search, this appears to be the "marketing name" for farmed salmon in Australia, which might explain why it's hard to find here (there's a lot more farmed salmon sourced closer to home). And I guess we're talking about "sustainably raised" rather than "sustainably harvested", correct?

    [I'm no expert on this, but I guess there are now (at least) three levels of names at play for most fish we eat: the common name, the name applied by wholesalers/retailers if the common name isn't appealing, and the actual Latin binomial given to the thing when it was described as a species. Farmed fish present a whole separate system, with new names applied to domesticated "versions", in various countries.]

    1. Not sure where one can buy it, but Chef Niki Nakayama often features New Zealand masu (sea trout) in her modern kaiseki menus at her restaurant n/naka.

      Maybe if you call the restaurant, you can find out where it's sourced.

      1. Sorry for the old bump but you can purchase tasmanian ocean trout from International Marine Products(IMP) in DTLA.

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          IMP does not service retail customers.

          Check out LA based - Kai Gourmet, they have it listed on their site.