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Buttery Roast Lamb Recipe Needed

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I frequently roast pork butt in a closed Dutch oven for 6-7 hours, and the lucsious result is loved by all. I have tried a 7 hour Lamb leg from a LA Times recipe, but was disapointed, it was not at all tender juicy like the Pork.

Is there a Lamb recipe that results in tender pull-apart Lamb? I know leg does not have the connective tissue and marbling of a Pork butt, but Lamb shoulder is a much more complicated roast, and usually cut into slices or chunks.

So, does anyone know what I am looking for, or am I searching for unobtainable Lamby bliss?

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  1. i've done spoon lamb before and it is fork tender.


    it's not going to "pull" like pork. it just won't. you also may also have not cooked it long enough, or your oven could be off.

    1. Whether you have a Leg or Shoulder of Lamb.....I believe the key to making a tender roast is to roast low and slow @ 225* or under.

      1. We recently slow roasted a half shoulder of lamb and it pulled perfectly. Bone-in, it weighed about 1.3kg and we cooked it for four hours at 170.

        1. Jamie Oliver has an incredible lamb shoulder recipe that the lamb just pulls apart. I never cooked lamb shoulder before I made this and now I make it a couple times a year!

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            Good to see Mr Oliver follows my timings and over temperature.

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              that looks incredible Bigley9 and the endorsement of method by Harters takes it over the top!

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                I've made this with great success as well. Extremely tender and flavourful.

            2. Need a shoulder cut to get that texture.

              1. Thanks everyone for your replies. The JO recipe is pretty much how I do Pork butt, I guess I'll have to give it a whirl again, and hope for better results. I am concerned that Lamb shoulder has too many "gristley" bits for my other family members, but I owe it another try.

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                  you need to cook it for a looooooooooooong time.

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                    Shoulder is fattier than, say, leg but there isnt much gristle. Much of the fat will cook out with the long oven time. If there is any remaining gristley bits, you can discard them easily when you start to pull it

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                      You can find many recipes online for "spoon lamb", which refers to its silky, unctuous texture after slow cooking. Responds very well to a bit of wine, fond and chiles of your choice. A shoulder throws off a lot of liquid in a dutch oven, so add initial liquid sparingly. Skim the gravy of fat and serve with creamy polenta and an astringent green vegetable (chards, collards, spinach, etc.). One of our all-time favorites.