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Nov 8, 2012 08:36 AM

Is reusing marinade for Beef Jerky ok?

I sliced 5 lbs. of beef up and have only marinaded half. I would like to reuse the marinade and add more ingredients to it for the next batch. The 1st batch has been in the refrigerator and marinating for 8 hours. Is this safe or should I make a new batch of marinade? I'm only concerned because I am only dehydrating the meat at around 140 degrees F.

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  1. So, am I correct that you made the marinade, added the meat, then put the combo in the fridge where it's been for 8 hours? If so, then yes, totally safe to reuse the marinade.

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      Yes, thanks for your answer. I went ahead and added the 2nd batch to the leftover marinade. I had to make up more of the marinade anyway since about 2/3 of it was absorbed by the first batch.

    2. This is good to know. I'm pretty sure my boyfriend tossed each batch of marinade for his deer jerky last year after using them once.... I'll have to make him reuse it this year! I can't tell you how much liquid smoke I had to buy him.

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        For sure! In terms of safety, a good rule of thumb would be to keep it refrigerated and don't keep it/use it any longer than you would have kept the first raw meat you put in it. So, for instance, standard food safety rules say you shouldn't keep raw beef for more than 3-5 days (depending on how old the meat was in the first place), so if you put the first batch of beef in to marinade on Thursday, go ahead and reuse the marinade as many times as you want, but toss it and start fresh by Sunday (day 3) or at least by Tuesday (day 5).