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Nov 8, 2012 08:25 AM

Tasmanian Ocean Trout (A.K.A. Sea Trout)

Where can I buy Tasmanian Ocean Trout (A.K.A. Sea Trout) here in the U.S.? Specifically, the sustainably harvested Ocean Trout from South Australia, delivered fresh or frozen, either whole or filets. Have you ordered it online and have a website to share, and know of a retailer who ships within the U.S.? So many folks offer substitutes for Ocean Trout (i.e., red trout, wild sockeye salmon, steelhead, etc.); however, I need the Ocean Trout that we enjoy at sushi restaurants and such. Thanks!

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  1. Prawn Corporation of America (PrawnCo) in Westwood, NJ seems to have have it.

    They say they sell to the public.

    Tasmanian Ocean Trout is listed on their Imports (New Zealand) page at $16.95/lb.