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Nov 8, 2012 07:32 AM

Temporary storage of 222 bottles of wine

I'm getting married in 3 weeks and bought 18.5 cases of wine that are currently sitting in the living room (as far away from the window as possible) of my 3rd floor apartment in NYC. We just had a blizzard come through yesterday, and my roommate understandably turned on the heat in the apartment.

It's not possible for me to store all this wine in optimal temperature conditions, but my fiance and I are arguing about whether the wine will go bad before the wedding. Please provide some advice and save our wedding/marriage!

My guess is that the apartment probably will get down to 60F during the day. In the evening, when my roommate comes home, I'd like to allow him to NOT freeze and thus turn on the heat a bit. How high can we go, and is this fluctuation bad for the wine for the next 3 weeks?

There are 8 cases of red, 7 cases of white, 3.5 cases of sparkling. An interesting aside... there will only be 125 guests, and we also have 350 beers and a full bar. I may proactively call for ambulances to deal with alcohol poisoning...

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Obviously the cooler temperatures aren't a problem. And for three weeks, if your thermostat isn't set above 72 F, it shouldn't have any discernible effect. Especially for relatively young wines, which I assume these are. Now, if you can place them in a dark cool location of the apartment that would be best (do you have a basement storage area?). Really, I would say you have no justifiable worries for just three weeks, as long as you don't "cook" them at > 80+ degrees for any length of time.

    Honestly, I'd be more worried about having them in the trunk of a car that's sitting in the sun and reaching temps of 90 degrees or more, when you are transporting them to the wedding.

    1. Out of sunlight for 3 weeks I wouldn't even worry about 80F which is unlikely in a NY apartmenty in November.

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        Ah I must be overly sensitive to heat damaged wine - I can usually sense if it's been exposed to sustained hot temperatures (e.g. above 78 degrees long enough to warm the contents inside the bottle).

        I agree with the others as long as it is in a dark place away from heat vents and kitchen heat, the wine should be fine unless your apartment is like a tropical rainforest in winter.