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Nov 8, 2012 06:05 AM

Looking for Thanksgiving dinner recommendation

Hi all. My family and I live in Chicago but will be visiting my mom in Mesa for Thanksgiving. She has already told me she is not really up for cooking, and I am not really up for cooking while I am on vacation (and in a house that is probably not equipped with everything I'd need). I am looking for recommendations for a good place to have Thanksgiving dinner in the Phoenix area that won't break the bank (I read something about a $75+ buffet at one of the $$$$ resorts--no thanks!). Any guidance you could provide would be awesome! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Here's a link to one local outlet's Thanksgiving recommendations.

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      Thanks! Here I thought $75 was expensive, but from that article it looks like $75 was on the low end of Thanksgiving dinner prices (one was $95!)!

      I don't want to seem like a cheapskate, but I have a problem paying $50 for my 11 year old to eat dinner rolls, mashed potatoes and turkey breast!

      Does anyone have any suggestions for more budget friendly Thanksgiving dining options?

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        Here's part 2 of the Thanksgiving recommendations from Chow Bella. Several more options and many of them reasonably priced. Looks like some of the locations also have kid's pricing.

    2. Most grocery stores actually do a decent job on the classics if you want to order in. AJ's is a gourmet grocery store here that offers thanksgiving dinners. Also, Safeway is another grocery store which offers it. Nothing fancy by any means but might fit the bill, a few years ago we did that when some elderly relatives really wanted to do it at their house but couldn't really cook.

      Also, most resorts and many restaurants offer a reduced price for children. I'd check out OpenTable for more restaurants that are offering Thankgsiving meals beyond just the resorts.

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        Thanks for the replies! $30-40 pp is definitely much more in line with what I'd want to pay. I will definitely check out AJ's web site.

      2. You know, something else you might consider is just doing a simplified home Thanksgiving dinner. Think about the things that are complicated and time-consuming, and just take some shortcuts. For example, buy a turkey roast, or even a stuffed turkey roast, to avoid the turkey preparation. For the potatoes, have you ever tried roasted white sweet potatoes? They're always available at Fry's, and they're delicious. Just cut them in half lengthwise, rub them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and roast them for 45 minutes or so until tender. Use some sort of gravy mix for the gravy. Same for the stuffing if you don't get a stuffed turkey roast, maybe doctored up with some fresh herbs or diced dried apricots. So far, you've got the turkey, potatoes, gravy and stuffing looked after with about 10 minutes prep, little equipment, and probably 5 bucks a head. Store-bought pumpkin pie is often just as good as home made. And so on. Just a thought.

        1. Go to Fry's, AJ's or Bashas for Turkey dinners for pick up.
          Then go the next day to Los Dos Molinos in Mesa for some good Mex.
          Carolinas for divey Mex goodness that is super cheap...behind the PHX airport.
          Lon's is worth checking out..Durants too.

          1. A couple years ago my Thanksgiving dinner plans fell through and we high tailed it over to the Talking Stick casino which has several restaurants. We splurged and went for the upscale dinner at Orange Sky but I heard the Wandering Horse buffet was very reasonable and very good from some coworkers the following week. Don't get me wrong, our dinner at Orange Sky was good but it was also pricey for what we got. I remember wishing I would have just tried the buffet.

            I couldn't find anything on the website regarding their plans for Thanksgiving this year but you could always call. And Talking Stick isn't that far of a drive from Mesa.