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Nov 8, 2012 03:11 AM

Downtown St Petersburg - Mahaffey Theater dinner recs needed ASAP

NJ Hounds here coming in for the long weekend and going to see a show on Friday night at The Mahaffey. Need nearby dinner recs for before the show. Nothing too fancy as we will be going to a concert. Any cuisine/price point. Just GOOD food. Preferably someplace where we can walk from to the Mahaffey. I know this is last minute - we decided to get away for the weekend! Thank you in advance!

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  1. My closest suggestion would be the Hangar Restaurant which is just south of the Mahaffey and overlooks the Albert Whitted Municipal Airport. Check out their menu online.

    Two other suggestions nearby would be Ceviche which is Spanish cuisine(tapas) and Parkshore Grill which is American Continental. Both have excellent websites to check out their menus. Another might be Cassis which is French Bistro style.

    1. I agree with all of Rib Dog's recs, and especially Cassis (my favorite). Also, check out BellaBrava. What you could do is just walk the sidewalk (Beach Drive north of theMahaffey) and check out the outdoor scene at Cassis, Bella Brava, Parkshore, and even go as far as 400 Beach Seafood. All have outdoor seating and ya can't go wrong!

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        Agreed on the above suggestions, but ZGrille gets my vote - James Beard nominee and cool atmosphere

      2. +1 on Cassis & Parkshore. I think the only thing within walking distance is The Hanger (as RibDog mentioned) and perhaps Tangerine in the Hilton (I know nothing about it). Unfortunately, you are severely limiting yourself if you want short walking distance.

        I would also seriously consider the St. Pete Brasserie. Great oysters, awesome steaks, foie gras, escargots and that Alsacienne Onion Tart. Also, good cocktails. Mmmm, love that place.

        Be sure to report back!