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Our Own Channel 2 Airs David Chang/Momofuku Series 11/9

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In case you missed the recent NYTimes or Globe pieces, Tony Bourdain will be narrating a GBH 16 part series(1/2 hr.@), The Mind of a Chef, beginning Fri., tomorrow, night, 9-11pm.This first season will be all about David Chang.


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  1. Thanks op, just set my DVR to record the series. :)


    1. Thank you! Set the DVR so hubby can watch when he returns from a business trip. He will be thrilled!

      1. How was the show?

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        1. re: T.Clark

          It was good. I'm pretty tired from all the time travel though.

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        2. Although it went way too fast (for those wanting to really absorb some of the technical techniques/info; thank heavens for rewind) I found the first 3 segments really interesting and lively. One thing that frustrates the heck out of me is that I have not been able to find out who WROTE it. It did not list writers in the credits (that i could see) and it isn't on IMDB yet. Does anyone know? The writers are also not mentioned in the NYTimes article or others I found through google. thx much.

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          1. re: opinionatedchef

            REALLY enjoyed this! Thanks for pointing this series out :)

            Its on now(noon Saturday), if anyone is interested :)

            1. re: Trumpetguy

              Thanks alot for the tip off- this sounds like a great series and I also enjoyed the first couple of episodes quite a bit. It's somewhat timely after reading about the popular ramen place in Cambridge Yume Wo Katare in another thread (where I just crushed a bowl after a 30 minute wait).
              Thread link is: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/873635

              The harvard lecture materials are available on:

              Finally, just wanted to add that you can catch episodes and previews online anytime at:
              You can buy DVDs of each episode, but I'm really sad that I can't just subscribe via iTunes or another digital service like that (which I'd happily pay for instead of streaming off their site).

              Looking forward to the next episode...

              1. re: fragolino

                Thanks for the links - was having trouble finding them.

          2. I have only watched the ramen episode, which made me crave ramen and I don't think that craving is going to be squelched anytime soon. It was serious food porn. and who doesn't love david chang. I cant wait to watch the other episodes.

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              The ramen episode was awesome. I thought the ramen gnocchi was the coolest thing in the whole episode.

            2. im determined to make the momofuku ramen broth next time I have some serious time off from work. David chang has become my hero with these shows.